This website, http://www.SENİORAH .com, is operated by SENİORAH Shoes Leather and Tekstil Ürünleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., with the aim of ensuring that its users-members can access the products and services offered. It is published by and users and members accept the following terms, rules and legal responsibilities by visiting http://www.SENIORAH.com and/or filling out the form containing the personal information required to perform any transaction on the website. They are counted. If the stated conditions and conditions are not suitable for you, please do not use the website http://www.SENIORAH .com.

http://www.SENIORAH.com  has the right to unilaterally change and update the content of this legal notice page at any time. For this reason, users and members are strongly advised to visit the legal warning page every time they enter the site.




Article 1. On one side of this contract, SENIORAH AYAKKABI SAN TİC VE DIŞ TİC A.Ş. (hereinafter referred to as "SENIORAH" for short in this agreement), on the other hand, the person who logs into the website at http://www.SENIORAH.com  for any transaction and fills out the form containing the personal information required to perform any transaction on the website. user (hereinafter referred to as "MEMBER" in this agreement).


Article 2. The definition of the following words expressed in this agreement is as follows;

"Portal": The website consisting of the domain name http://www.SENIORAH .com/  and the subdomains connected to this domain name,

"User": Every natural or legal person who accesses the "Portal" online, whether or not he is a "Member",

"Member": Real and/or legal persons who become members of the http://www.SENIORAH.com portal and benefit from the services offered within the "Portal" under the conditions specified in this agreement,

“Membership”: It refers to the process completed by the “User” who wants to become a “Member” from the relevant section of the “Portal” by filling out the membership form required to become a member, providing the identity information, completing the registration process by confirming the accuracy of the identity information and approving the registration process by SENIORAH. It does. You cannot have the right and authority to become a "Member" as defined in this agreement until the membership process is completed.



Article 3. Applications made by persons who are minors or not authorized to represent and bind the legal entity, even if the registration process on the portal is completed; Applications made by persons who have been temporarily removed from membership by SENIORAH, whose membership has been suspended, or who have been banned from membership indefinitely, may be rejected by SENIORAH at any time, without giving any reason. SENIORAH may terminate memberships unilaterally at any time without notice or compensation; may suspend memberships temporarily or completely; The user's membership may be terminated.

3.1.http://www.SENIORAH.com  is open to all its members and the services provided on the site are free of charge unless stated otherwise. In the following cases, SENIORAH may prevent the member from using the site and accessing the content, and SENIORAH reserves all legal, legal and criminal rights against the person or persons involved in similar attempts, including but not limited to the ones stated below. These situations;

• Incomplete, inaccurate, irregular or misleading; Registration of statements and information on the site that do not comply with the rules of general morality and the laws of the Republic of Turkey,

• The works, all kinds of content, information, etc. on the site. Copying it partially or completely and using it for different purposes and/or attempting to use it,

• Using software that will threaten the security of the site, prevent the operation of the software used on the site, making interventions, etc. Carrying out any activities for the purpose; Retrieving, deleting and changing information on the site.


Article 4. All visual and written content presented on http://www.SENIORAH.com is offered for personal use, and SENIORAH does not include icons, logos, visuals, written, electronic, graphic or technical data presented in machine-readable form in the portal content. is the owner or licensee of all materials and related intellectual and industrial property rights, including the applied sales system, business method and business model. These rights are legally protected in favor of SENIORAH. They cannot be used in any way or at any level, for commercial or personal purposes, without the written permission of SENIORAH; cannot be published in any media, on the website, in any form, for any purpose;Links cannot be given to http://www.SENIORAH.com.

4.1. The software rights used in the design of these pages and the creation of the database also belong to SENIORAH. Copying or using the said software is strictly prohibited.

4.2. The rights of all criticisms submitted to the portal belong to SENIORAH and SENIORAH may use them in its marketing activities if it wishes.


Article 5. After the member fills in all the sections required for registration and confirms his e-mail address, he can start using the website http://www.SENIORAH.com by entering his e-mail address and password and perform the transactions permitted by him, provided that he complies with the conditions specified in this agreement.

5.1. While the User, the Member, benefit from the website and services of http://www.SENIORAH.com, the Turkish Penal Code, the Turkish Commercial Code, the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works, the Decree Law on the Protection of Trademarks and Patent Rights, the Turkish Code of Obligations, and all other relevant legislation. agrees to fully comply with the provisions and all announcements and notifications to be published by http://www.SENIORAH.com regarding its services. Any legal or criminal liability that may arise due to use contrary to these notices and the law belongs to the Member.

5.2.The information and transactions (visit frequency, visit times, etc.) of the members visiting http://www.SENIORAH.com are monitored in order to serve them better. SENIORAH  uses this information to expand, develop and improve the Portal content, adhering to confidentiality terms; advertising etc. It can be shared with the companies it cooperates on these issues for these purposes. The member accepts this situation and all its consequences.

5.3. The Member cannot take any action or activity in any way or level that may make it difficult or prevent other users and visitors from using http://www.SENIORAH.com; cannot install or force/lock automatic programs on servers or databases; cannot attempt to cheat; It cannot perform any operations that may harm the system, create problems or create security vulnerabilities for similar purposes or as a result. The member accepts and declares in advance that in such a situation, his/her membership will be canceled and that all legal and criminal liability that may arise from the situation will belong to him/her, and that he/she will be obliged to fully compensate for all damages that may occur before SENIORAH.

5.4. If it is determined that the Member does not fully and/or partially comply with the obligations specified in this agreement and/or the general rules stated on the website http://www.SENIORAH.com  , SENIORAH may block the user's access to the portal temporarily or indefinitely.

5.5. In certain parts of the portal, different rules and obligations specific to that section may be specified. Those who use these sections are deemed to have accepted these rules in advance.

5.6.It is the Member's own responsibility to backup the messages sent to http://www.SENIORAH.com  and this is also recommended by SENIORAH. SENIORAH has no guarantee or commitment regarding their storage. The Member accepts, declares and undertakes that he/she will not hold SENIORAH responsible by citing any legal or contractual justification in case the messages are not backed up by SENIORAH, are lost, deleted and/or damaged.

5.7. In order to benefit from the services offered by SENIORAH on the portal, members must ensure the security of the "username" and "password" they use to log in to the membership account; ensure that they are used exclusively and solely by themselves; It is the Member's sole responsibility to ensure that it is kept away from the knowledge and interference of third parties. The Member accepts to show all kinds of care and attention in this sense, and all liability and consequences regarding issues such as the security of the "user name" and "password", their storage, keeping them away from the information of third parties, and their use exclusively and individually, will belong exclusively to him/her; Otherwise, he accepts, declares and undertakes to be responsible for all damages that he, SENIORAH, other Members and/or third parties have suffered or may suffer due to negligence and faulty behavior.

5.8. Member's relationships with other members or site users or third parties are entirely their responsibility. The member agrees that he/she will be responsible for all work and transactions he/she carries out on the portal through his/her membership account; He accepts, declares and undertakes that he cannot raise any defense and/or objection against SENIORAH that the works and transactions carried out herein are not carried out by him and/or that he will not refrain from fulfilling his obligations or postpone them based on this defense or objection.

5.9. Member can cancel membership and delete account via http://www.SENIORAH.com  . The authority of the user who terminates his/her membership to access the site is cancelled.

5.10.It is SENIORAH's decision whether to delete any record of the membership account terminated by the Member at http://www.SENIORAH.com  . The Member shall not claim any rights, receivables and/or compensation from SENIORAH by citing any legal or contractual justification regarding deleted records, information and documents that are not stored or backed up; He accepts, declares and undertakes that he will not attribute any fault to SENIORAH or impose any criminal liability.

5.11. The Member shall be deemed to have accepted all the provisions of this agreement from the moment he/she begins to use and/or benefit from the site and the agreement shall be in full force and effect for him/her; It accepts, declares and undertakes that it will be obliged to fully compensate SENIORAH for any damage it may incur due to its violation of the obligations it has undertaken under this agreement. SENIORAH has the right to recourse to the Member for any compensation and/or administrative/judicial fines that the Member may have to pay to public institutions and/or third parties due to the Member's behavior contrary to this agreement.


Article 6. SENIORAH, to enable the Member to benefit from the services subject to this contract - excluding technical malfunctions and other reasons; The personal information shared by the Member, the matters stated in this agreement, legal obligations, etc. It accepts, declares and undertakes not to share it with third parties or organizations, except in certain circumstances. It is determined that the member has caused any electronic sabotage, attempts to interfere with earnings and/or attacks that will prevent the operation of the website http://www.SENIORAH.com  ; Receipt of a criminal complaint or official investigation request against the member from official authorities, etc. In all relevant cases, SENIORAH has the right to investigate the identity information of the relevant member and forward it to the relevant institutions and organizations.

6.1. SENIORAH may make changes to this agreement at any time without notice in order to ensure the continuity of the services it has unilaterally undertaken; may suspend its services permanently or temporarily, without giving any reason; may change or cancel the content of the service. The member accepts all these issues. In case of any changes, SENIORAH will publish the current terms of use on its website under the same link, with a new date update, and may inform the Members via e-mail if deemed necessary. The member is deemed to have accepted these changed conditions in all cases where he uses the portal by entering his username and password.


Article 7. The term force majeure; In addition to all situations accepted by law, including but not limited to natural disasters, strikes, communication problems, infrastructure and internet failures, system-related improvement or renewal works, malfunctions that may occur due to this, power outage, bad weather conditions, SENIORAH ' It will be interpreted as events that are beyond the control of the Company and that it cannot prevent despite taking the necessary care.

7.1. SENIORAH will not be obliged to perform its duties in all cases stated as force majeure in this contract; will not be held responsible in any way or level on the grounds that the acts have been performed completely and/or partially, late and/or incompletely. Member this etc. You cannot claim any rights, receivables, compensation, etc. from SENIORAH under any name, without citing any circumstances. He accepts, declares and undertakes that he will not request it.


Article 8. SENIORAH requests the mailing addresses of its registered users. The e-mail address provided by the member to SENIORAH is accepted as the legal mailing address for all notifications to be made regarding this agreement. The parties agree that unless they notify the other party in writing of changes in their current e-mail addresses, notifications made to old e-mail addresses will be valid and notifications will be deemed to have been made to them.


Article 9. The member is deemed to have accepted and undertaken the entirety of this agreement from the moment he/she completes and approves the registration form and/or receives any service using the portal system or starts using and benefiting from the site by placing an order. The Member declares that he/she has read, understood and accepted all the articles contained in this agreement; He accepts, declares and undertakes that he confirms the accuracy of the information he provides about himself.

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