As Seniorah Shoes, we started our production adventure in 1989 in an area of 100 square meters. Today, we continue our efforts to provide better service to our valued customers with our modern production area of 10.000 square meters.

Hand labor also has an important place in our production process supported by the latest technology machines. We produce approximately 1,000,000 pairs of shoes every year, thus aiming to offer quality and aesthetics together.

In 2013, our retail adventure started with our first wholesale stores in Beyazıt and Mall of Istanbul and gained momentum in 2017 when we laid the foundations of our wholesale distribution, retail and online sales departments in Europe. In 2018, we started to make a name for ourselves in the international arena by establishing our centers in Miami/Florida and Italy/Milano.

In July 2019, we opened our retail store in Nişantaşı and our office in Şişli Osmanbey became the center of our global sales network. We have become a brand recognized for our innovative, high quality and unique designs in 65 countries, especially in Turkey.

We continue to produce for you with our more than 800 innovative and fashion passionate staff. Your support is of great importance for us to become a brand preferred and loved by Europe. Now our goal is to become a worldwide brand!

Our website is always open to improvement with the suggestions of our valued guests and the support of our professional team.

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